43 Bangladeshis bound for Italy were deported from Qatar airport

Forty-three expatriate Bangladeshis have been deported from Qatar’s Doha airport for trying to go to Italy without following the rules.
They could not return to the country from Italy due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Because the Italian government had stopped the flight with Bangladesh.

As the flight ban has been relaxed from this month, the Italian expatriates who are stuck in the country have started returning to Italy from Bangladesh.
It is learned that on Monday, a flight of Qatar Airways took off from Bangladesh to Doha with passengers bound for Italy.
After that, 43 people with short-term resident permit cards were not allowed to board the flight.

The passengers were later sent back to Bangladesh on a Qatar Airways return flight on Tuesday, alleging non-compliance with the rules.

Doha Immigration Police say only long-term resident permit card holders can enter Italy. Short-term cardholders have been returned for this.


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