737 Max waiting for flight

US aircraft maker Boeing has suffered less in the past two years with the 737 Max Jet.
Investigations into two horrific crashes, a loss of confidence in airlines and a distance with global regulators forced the jets to remain grounded.
However, after a long stalemate, Boeing has finally started to get some relief.


The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has allowed Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft to take off again. News Reuters.

In just five months in 2018, two 737 Max crashes occurred in Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing 348 people.
Due to this, Boeing had to go through several investigations the following year.
Even those two accidents threatened the United States’ leading role in the global aviation sector.
Boeing also has to calculate a loss of about 2 billion dollars.

After that incident a couple of years ago, Boeing was forced to put the 737 Max jets on hold for about 20 months.
No other model aircraft has been grounded for such a long time in the history of the commercial aviation sector.

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