Air Canada Is One Of The Worst Airlines For International Trips

Air Canada Is One Of The Worst Airlines For International Trips.

If you tend to travel internationally, there’s a report you may want to check out. The new report by J.D. Power highlights the best and worst airlines in the world and it doesn’t look too good for Canada’s largest airline. Air Canada ranks as one of the worst airlines based on nine different factors. The Airline International Destination Satisfaction study measures passenger satisfaction with certain airlines that fly from North America to Europe and from North America to Asia.

Based on responses from 6,287 passengers from September 2019 to October 2019, Air Canada has been ranked amongst the lowest international airlines in the J.D Power study.

Released on December 4, the Airline International Destination Satisfaction Study was based on nine key factors: in-flight services, cost and fees, aircraft flight crew, check-in, boarding, immigration, baggage, and reservation.

According to the overall customer satisfaction index ranking for Asia, Air Canada was ranked 10th place out of 12 airlines.

In terms of European destinations, Air Canada landed in second to last, at 11 out of 12, right before Norweigan Airlines.

However, just last summer Air Canada was named North America’s best airline for the second time.

Yet, the report found that cost and fees seem to be less important than in-flight services when it comes to satisfying passengers on their international flights.

It differs if you travel within North America. It’s found that passenger satisfaction is linked to an airline’s cost and fees.

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