American Airlines To Introduce New Seats

American Airlines To Introduce New Seats.

American will introduce new long haul seats in 2023

The always knowledgeable @xJonNYC reports that American Airlines is apparently planning on installing new seats on long haul planes starting in 2023.

American is apparently thinking of introducing new seats in business class, premium economy, and economy, and as you’d expect, this is a process that takes years from start to finish.

What’s happening in 2023?

Why would American be considering new seats in 2023, specifically?

For one, in 2018 American Airlines placed an order for additional Boeing 787s, which they’ll use long term to replace 767s, A330s, and aging 777s. They’ll start taking delivery of their next batch of 25 787-9s as of 2023, and the plan is for those planes to feature the new seats.

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