Bamboo Airways Will Fly To Prague

Bamboo Airways Will Fly To Prague.

Bamboo Airways is a privately owned Vietnamese airline that took delivery of their first Boeing 787-9 in late 2019.

The airline was founded in 2017, but has huge growth aspirations. Up until about a moth ago the airline had fewer than 20 planes in their fleet. Now they’re expanding significantly, as they take delivery of 30 Boeing 787-9s and 50 Airbus A321neos.

Bamboo Airways 787-9

The airline plans to use the 787-9s to fly to Europe and North America. Heck, the airline has had some pretty bizarre ways they’ve considered growing. In June 2019, Bamboo Airways’ CEO said that the company was considering leasing A380s so they could fly nonstop between Vietnam and the US as of early 2020. That’s a market that’s questionable with the 787, let alone the A380.

Bamboo Airways to launch Prague flights

While it doesn’t come as much of a surprise, we now have more details of what the first long haul route is expected to be for the airline.

Bamboo Airways intends to operate nonstop flights between Hanoi and Prague as of April 2020.
This might seem random on the surface, though the way the airline sees it:

The Czech Republic has a large Vietnamese population, of around 70,000 people
100,000 people per year already fly between Vietnam and the Czech Republic
There’s increasing trade between the two countries
While the new flight isn’t yet on sale and exact details haven’t been provided (the frequencies, timing, etc.), the company claims to be making final preparations. Just a few months notice (at most) doesn’t seem like ideal advance notice for a first long haul route, but I guess it’s also logical they’d want to launch by the summer travel season.

The airline expects to have four 787-9s by the end of January 2020, as they’re currently just using these planes for domestic flights within Vietnam.

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