Biman wants a waiver of fuel money

Biman Bangladesh Airlines refuses to pay fuel arrears.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines has written to the government not to pay the arrears.
But according to the conventional rules, it is not possible to waive this money. The Department of Energy is also reluctant to drop this claim.

A meeting held at the Energy Department on Thursday failed to reach an agreement on the collection of dues and ordered the formation of a committee.
After receiving the report of the committee, the decision will be taken again after the next meeting.
Apart from the energy department, representatives of BPC, Padma Oil and Biman Bangladesh Airlines will be present in the committee.
A meeting was held on Thursday to collect Rs 2,100 crore from Biman for fuel.
Apart from the Energy Department, representatives of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and the Ministry of Finance were also present at the meeting.


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