Coronavirus Leads China Airlines To Suspend Inflight

Coronavirus Leads China Airlines To Suspend Inflight.

In an attempt to combat the spread of coronavirus, China Airlines and its affiliates, Tigerair Taiwan and Mandarin Airlines will no longer offer inflight services on flights to Hong Kong and Macau.

The decision to suspend food and beverage services along with the distribution of blankets, cushions, and newspapers to the former British and Portuguese colonies follows the cancelation of flights to the Chinese mainland.

The new measures are designed to try and limit the risk of passengers and crew becoming infected by the deadly virus by eliminating unnecessary contact.

China Airlines has told passengers to bring a Thermos

Instead of hot meals, passengers will now be given disposable paper lunch boxes or food inside paper bags, with only people opting for special ordered vegetarian meals not being affected. China Airlines are also encouraging passengers to bring their own thermos flasks on board if they want to have a hot drink. The airline also said that, between flights, all fold-down trays, armrests, and overhead bins would be disinfected.

The Taiwan News carried the announcement from Taiwan’s largest airline saying that the only flights without an inflight service would be those to Hong Kong and Macao.

Coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate

As of yesterday, the total number of known people infected with coronavirus (2019-nCoV) rose to 4,515, almost double the number of cases from a day earlier. The spread of the virus and the fact that there is no known cure now has the Center for Disease Control in the United States issuing a level three warning advising people not to travel to China.

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