Emirates Airlines, Begins Dumping, Cannibalizing Planes

The Airbus A380 hasn’t even been in service for 12 years, but even its biggest advocate, Emirates Airlines, is already preparing for its demise.

Et tu, Brute? The Latin sentence from Shakespeare’s play JULIUS CAESAR, refers to Caesar recognizing his close friend Brutus among his assassins. The idea of the “unkindest cut” being delivered by a friend seems to apply to Emirates’ retirement plans for the Airbus A380, particularly as Emirates President Tim Clark was one of the aircraft’s greatest advocates.

Although Emirates says it will fly the A380 through 2035, a pair of A380s have already been removed from Emirates service. Instead of being sold into a used market for the A380,which has never developed, they will be cannibalized to provide spare parts for the remaining fleet, Clark recently told FlightGlobal.

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