India will issue all types of visas to Bangladeshis except tourism

After a long hiatus, the Indian government has decided to launch all types of online visa services for Bangladeshi nationals, except for tourist visas.
The new Indian High Commissioner to Dhaka Vikram Doraiswamy said this in a tweet on Wednesday night.

In a tweet, the High Commissioner wrote, ‘Announcement for Bangladeshi friends: All types of Indian visas except tourist visas are being reintroduced; Especially student visas, visits, entry visas, etc. ‘

After the closure of India’s air communication with Bangladesh due to the coronavirus epidemic, air-bubble air communication with the country is going to resume from October 26.
The aircraft will be operated for the next three months in accordance with the rules of health agreed upon by the authorities of the two countries.

Earlier on October 9, the Indian High Commission announced its decision to launch online visa services for nine categories.
These included medical, business, employment, general entry, journalists, diplomats, officials, UN officials and UN diplomats.

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