Initiative to sell 9 obsolete aircraft at Shahjalal Airport

Authorities are in dire straits with 12 planes stranded at the capital’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.
It has been decided to sell or destroy it through auction after confiscation.
Nine de-registrations have already been done.
However, as the owner could not be found, an Asian Airways plane crashed.

Over the years, several aircraft have occupied the apron area of ​​the Cargo Village at Shahjalal Airport.
Most of these planes have been shut down by airlines.
Of these, 8 are from United Airways, 1 from GMG Airlines, 1 from Asian Airlines and 2 from Regent Airways.
Authorities recently de-registered nine of the 12 aircrafts after the airlines did not respond despite repeated letters due to the normal operation of the airport and the aircraft parking crisis.
Chairman of Civil Aviation, Air Vice Marshal Mofidur Rahman said, de-registration has already been done.
These will be confiscated later through legal process. Then it will be auctioned.
Those that are not eligible for auction will be destroyed.
He said that these should be removed in the interest of normal operation of the airport.

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