New start for American Airlines to deal with the crisis

In the Corona crisis, all the airlines in the world are reorganizing their companies.
Planning new actions. However, everyone’s goal is to provide good service at low cost. American Airlines thinks the same.
They now think of themselves as start-up companies. “The crisis caused by the coronavirus is a deep crisis,” said Rat Workman, the company’s managing director for Europe and Asia.

In this crisis, we consider ourselves a ‘2-3 billion start-up company’. He says there are some rumors about what is happening to the airlines in the Corona epidemic.
Because unprecedented money transactions are taking place in American Airlines. We also earned 45 billion revenue last year. Flight Global published the news on October 19.

Workman says all companies know American Airlines is coming under a coherent management where anyone can invest their assets. It will not be a problem even in this difficult challenging environment.
Earlier, 60-65 American Airlines flights flew across the Atlantic every day.
Now that number is below ten. The company is able to hold 25 percent of their capacity at London’s Heathrow Airport.

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