Where the risk of corona infection is higher than traveling by air

Eating at a restaurant or going out for shopping carries a higher risk of coronavirus infection than air travel, according to a report by Harvard researchers.

The Hindustan Times reported on Friday, citing a survey titled ‘Aviation Public Health Initiative’ published by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.
Researchers claim that encouraging preventive measures will greatly reduce the rate of coronary infections among airplane passengers.

To prevent this virus, there are instructions to wash your hands regularly with soap, wear a mask, ensure adequate airflow at airplanes and airports, and regularly clean and disinfect aircraft.

The study also highlighted the knowledge and awareness needed to control corona infections.
It said, “Airlines and airports are campaigning to inform the public about various measures to reduce the transmission of the disease.”
These include – booking time, check-in, boarding and in-flight information on public health and safety information.
In addition, cabin crews are trained to isolate potentially infected people during travel. ‘

The study was published last week at a time when about four and a half crore people worldwide are affected by corona.

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