Qatari government regrets stripping naked female passengers

The Qatari government has finally opened its mouth after allegations by the Australian government that female passengers were searched naked at Doha Hamad International Airport in Qatar.
They said the matter would be investigated on Wednesday (October 28th), three days after the news broke in the international media.
The Qatari government has expressed regret over the violation of the personal freedom of any traveler as a result of the decision to closely examine women at the airport.
The statement called it an “emergency decision-making inquiry”.

According to the government, the search was carried out in a hurry after finding the abandoned body of a newborn in a ‘trash can’ in the tarmac of Hamad International Airport. The body of the newborn is found wrapped in plastic and covered with dirt. It is said that after witnessing such incident for the first time, they decided to search in a daze.


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