The parents of the newborn baby who was dropped off at the airport have been found

In October, several countries, including Qatar and Australia, were involved in a brawl over a newborn baby that was left in a Doha airport toilet.
After finding the girl in the toilet basket, the airport authorities took off the female passengers of at least 10 flights and examined them naked.
Most of them were Australian citizens.
As a result, the Australian government reacted strongly.
The Qatari authorities later apologized for the incident.

Even after so many incidents, the child’s parents could not be found at that time.
However, the Qatari administration did not give up. After a long investigation, they were finally identified.

The child’s parents are citizens of an Asian country, Qatar’s public prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Monday.
The baby’s mother left Qatar last October.

International efforts are being made to arrest the woman.
Under Qatari law, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

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