HAAB likely to lose authority over pilgrims? trolley bags

imagesThe Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB) is likely to lose its authority to purchase and supply trolley bags to the pilgrims intending to perform Hajj as the officials of the government and Hajj agency owners are annoyed of the irregularity of the HAAB leaders and supply of low-quality bags.

All of them want to take over the responsibility amending the provision of the Hajj and Umrah Policy in future.

The government officials want to take over the responsibility while agency owners want to buy the bags themselves following the approved sample of the Ministry.

Though there is a contradiction between the government officials and agency owners, decision to seize the authority of HAAB will be taken soon to save funds of the pilgrims and ensure a free and fair procurement process of the trolley bags, the Ministry officials assured.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Religious Affairs Ministry on Wednesday asked the Ministry officials to monitor the manufacturing process and quality of the trolley bags properly.

It also asked to take over the authority of supplying pilgrim’s trolley bags cancelling the provision of Hajj Policy that allows HAAB for making and supplying the bags.

However, former HAAB President Mohammad Farooque and founding Secretary General Yakub Sharafati gave separate letters to the HAAB executive committee recently requesting to hand over the trolley bag purchasing authority to the owners separately as per their election pledges.

They mentioned that some HAAB leaders are doing business regarding purchase of trolley bags. There are huge allegations of irregularities and misuse of funds against the leaders. It should be stopped to recover the image of the apex body of the Hajj agency owners, said Sharafati.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has already formed a monitoring committee led by its Joint Secretary Zakir Ahmed to oversee manufacturing and supplying process of pilgrim’s trolley bags this year.

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