Suffering of passengers returning home from Saudi

Ariful Islam Babu came to King Khalid Airport in Saudi Arabia from a distance of 600 km and found out that Biman Bangladesh Airlines had canceled the flight.
He was scheduled to arrive in Bangladesh on BG 4040 flight at 8:10 am (local time) on Wednesday.
For this he went to the airport at 3 in the morning and showed up.
Ariful fell into disarray as the flight was canceled.
He was forced to leave the hope of Biman Bangladesh Airlines and left for the country on a Qatar Airways ticket at a cost of 1000 riyals.

Ariful Islam Babu is not alone, all those who have booked Biman Bangladesh Airlines tickets to come to Bangladesh from Saudi Arabia are in trouble.
Those who have good financial ability will come to the country by buying tickets of other airlines.
But those who do not have that ability do not know when they will be able to return to the country.
Angry Saudi expatriate workers read the situation after taking leave from work.

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