Twelve Afghan women return to work at Kabul International Airport

Afghan women have returned to work after the Taliban took control of the country.
Since taking power, however, the Taliban have reassured the general public about security and asked women to join the work from the beginning.
The organization has previously said that women will be able to go out after hijab and return to their workplaces.

After receiving such assurances from the Taliban, many women now have the courage to return to work. Before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, a woman named Rabia Jamal worked at the airport.
He has made a bold decision after the Taliban formed a new government.
He is back to work again. The woman, a mother of three, says she has nothing else to do.

“I have to make money for my family,” Rabia said.
He covers his face wearing a dark blue burqa.
“I was worried about sitting at home,” he said. I felt very bad.

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