Digital PR platform ‘Papercable’ launched

Papercable has embarked on its journey as the first digital PR platform in the country, revolutionizing the industry with data-driven insights and real-time analytics. This platform aims to assist brands, agencies, and online publishers in streamlining the digital PR process.

With Papercable Digital PR, brands and agencies can make informed decisions for PR publication, eliminating the need for guesswork. The platform provides essential data such as the number of readers, total readership, and information about the timing and locations. This enables brands to optimize their PR strategy in the midst of a campaign.

Papercable’s digital PR ensures nationwide PR distribution with just one click, saving both time and resources. This outcome helps brands and agencies eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. The media benefits from a simplified approach to PR, contributing to increased revenue for media outlets.

Papercable Digital PR Platform is an initiative of ‘A Maze Venture.’ Imtiaz Ahmed, founder and CEO of A Maze Venture, expresses the main goal: to digitize the PR industry, moving away from manual guesswork. Advertisers, brands, agencies, and media stand to benefit from this platform, fostering industry growth. Through Papercable, stakeholders can make quick decisions with accurate data and insights.

A Maze Venture, a marketing technology company, is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for businesses navigating the complex world of marketing. Their data-driven approach and dedicated support have already made an impact. ‘Reachable,’ another Adtech solution from A Maze Venture, has rapidly gained recognition, winning the Brand Forum Award within a year of its launch.

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