Share the story of your country_ tell it online

sharethe_storyDhaka : “Share the story of your country_ tell it online.” This will be my advice to the tourism professionals, specially Bang-ladesh Tourism Board (BTB).
“Promote Mus-lim, Buddhist, Hindu historical sites as religious tourism is growing. If a person enjoys travelling in your country, the satisfied tourist will tell 16 others and the process will go on.”
Mario Hardy, Chief Execu-tive Officer, PATA said this while addressing tourism professionals, top BTB officials and PATA Bangladesh Chapter members at a dinner reception at Dhaka Regen-cy Hotel and Resort in the city on March 24. Arif Motahar, Managing Director, Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort was present on the occasion, among others.
The PATA CEO said, “Start with Visit Bangladesh Year 2016. Think where you will want your country to be, think what you want your country to be known for.”
About his visit, he said, “Bangladesh was on the top of my list. It is the first country to visit. I like to go places where people do not go. I am interested in the culture and the people.
“I came to see what Bangla-desh has to offer. I found the city to be very vibrant. I liked traffic tourism (traffic congestion on city roads). I’ll come again and visit rest of the country,” he said.
He informed 91 countries are the members of PATA and Bhutan was the latest to join.
Apprising Mario Hardy of the present tourism hospitality scenario, Shahid Hamid FIH said, “International standard accommodation has almost tripled within last three to five years. Major internationally renowned brands like Le Meridien, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hilton, along with all the existing ones, are in their pipeline to open their properties within the capital and elsewhere in Bangladesh.”
“Bangladesh is a land of interest to the business travellers and tourists around the globe for the growing prospect in economy and new destinations in the country.”
“It’s now obvious that tourism industry in Bangladesh is bringing tremendous opportunities as a fast-growing economic sector in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) through the establishment in hospitality, leisure and entertainment facilities and the development of communication and infrastructure.”
“With the increased growth in tourism industry as well as the inclusions of numerous properties have eventually led us to create new technologies and orientation with the improved system of OTA, booking engines, GDS, automation in property management system and most importantly employment opportunities for both the fresh and skilled workers.”
“I see a great role of PATA in providing technological and vocational support to this thirsty and one of the most potential sectors of Bangladesh in coming days.
“The creation of Bangladesh Tourism Board before four years, participation in major tourism fair worldwide and making budgetary provisions in the national budget are essentially positive signs from the government and public sector. Aside to this, private sector is also largely contributing in creating and developing products and facilities within the country to boost up its sector,” Shahid Hamid said.
Earlier welcoming Mario Hardy, Abdul Muyeed Chowdhury, Adviser, PATA Bangladesh Chapter thanked him for choosing Bangladesh for his first inclusive visit.
Chowdhury said, “He wants to pull up our tourism sector.”
“Bangladesh has a large number of companies in all sectors of praying for the real dawn of tourism. This is a sector where future investments await to take place.”
He hoped that the PATA CEO will help promote Bangladesh as a destination.
Chowdhury said, the shifting of headquarters from US to Thailand has brought about a remarkable change. “We want to take advantage of the platform that PATA offers us.”

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