MH370: Malaysia Airlines plane ‘HIJACKED’ for Chinese organs – SHOCKING claim

MH370: Malaysia Airlines plane ‘HIJACKED’ for Chinese organs – SHOCKING claim.

The Boeing 777 disappeared without a trace on March 8 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people onboard. Conspiracy theorist Darlene Tipton claims she has a hard-drive which proves the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight is linked to organ-harvesting in China. Ms Tipton said the victims were targeted because they were part of the outlawed Chinese spiritual group, Falun Gong, which is a cult and banned in the superstate.
The theorist said if the culprits are caught, the “heinous act of using these prisoners of conscience to facilitate China’s inexcusable and horrendous practice of live organ harvesting” will be stopped.

There were 153 Chinese citizens on board the plane.

China has contributed £14.5million to the rescue efforts since the plane’s disappearance.

Ms Tipton was left jobless 46 days after the Boeing 777 went missing.
She claimed she was sacked for using her work email to organise a fundraiser for families of those on board.

The theorist is planning to make a £21million film on the tragedy based on what she thinks actually happened.

She said: “I’m making this movie for one simple reason: it’s the right thing to do in order to expose China’s barbaric practice.”

Ms Tipton, who worked at Fox Cable Networks for over 24 years, claims to have a hard drive which contains information and video footage confirming her claims.
She said it cannot be made public until the film is released due to a “very nasty non-disclosure agreement”.

When quizzed by the Daily Star on Sunday on the contents of the drive, Ms Tipton said: “I can’t give any details at this time.

“I can say that it shows why MH370 disappeared.

“Some of the footage will be shown during the closing credits.

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