Cabin crew go against THIS rule at Christmas flight attendant reveals

Cabin crew go against THIS rule at Christmas flight attendant reveals.

CHRISTMAS Day is a time many people spend at home with loved ones but some cabin crew still have to work on the big day. A flight attendant has revealed what they really get up to over Christmas.

Christmas sees many Britons relaxing at home with loved ones, but for some people, it’s an opportunity to jet off abroad. This means cabin crew still have work on Christmas Day. However, they still manage to have fun and get into the festive spirit – despite the strict rules, one flight attendant has revealed. British Airways cabin crew member Chaouki Soltan revealed there was one rule in particular that is relaxed on Christmas Day when the atmosphere is “magical” he said.

Soltan told The Sun that BA flight attendants – who normally have very strict uniform rules – will dress up to make the most of the day.

He added he will also bring his speakers on board to play “some Christmas songs during boarding” to make the experience extra special.

The food on board is also a traditional festive fare and British Airways has revealed it will serve 66,000 Christmas dinners in total over Christmas.

To be precise, 330,000 brussels sprouts will be prepped alongside 270,000 roast potatoes and 8250kgs of turkey.

A record number of mince pies will also be served, with nearly 100,000 of the festive treats given out to customers.

They will also offer up to 40 new Christmas films, TV show episodes and audio, including popular favourites Elf and The Holiday.
Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic is so keen for its cabin crew to dress up they have released their very own festive jumper.

“The jumper will be worn by all the cabin crew and airport teams over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Even founder Sir Richard Branson will be sporting one all the way from the Caribbean!” a spokeswoman told

Virgin will also be offering a full roast dinner. “Customers can tuck into roast turkey, potatoes, pigs in blankets and all the trimmings,” the spokeswoman said.

However, it’s a very different matter on fellow American airline United Airlines where the uniform rules are very strict.

A leaked memo has advised cabin crew members about what is and is not allowed to be worn.

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