Singapore Airlines versus Qatar Airways

Singapore Airlines versus Qatar Airways.

In response to a commentary on Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) loss of the top spot in the 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards to Qatar Airways, TODAY readers had mixed views on how the Republic’s national airline can reclaim the honour.

Suggestions include: reviewing its pricing, offering free WiFi and improving its flight attendants’ English. Others threw their support behind the airline, saying its service remains consistently good, while some expressed scepticism of such rankings.

First thing to do: Match your ticket price with the world No. 1 DAVID LEE HON FEN

Well probably SIA need to improve on the food, leg space and all the cabin crew must know how to speak English well. KATIJAH IBRAHIM

The staff should learn how to speak proper, understandable English. That will go a long way. Right now it is totally unintelligible. And they can be a little more caring. But seriously, their English pronunciation is atrocious. KALYANI CHATTERJEA

SIA is no longer “a great way to fly”. Those were the days. It is good for them to be second so that they can improve, and not be complacent. DAVID HO

I have been on Qatar and Emirates. Their services are excellent. Food is good and the flight attendants are alert and polite. Lastly, the airfares are reasonable. SIA used to be good and if they work harder, they could retain the No 1 spot. Go get it SIA. ROLAND C FERNANDEZ

Qatar is very good. Have been flying with them for years. They have fantastic service with competitive pricing. Things like free WiFi and good spacing. Check out their business class! It is as good as others’ first class. SIA no doubt is also very good but I think they lose out on competitive pricing. MARCUS SHAWN

Took Air New Zealand back home last week. They are already using the digital in-flight services on the TV screen, while SIA is still using manual requests for in-flight services… not convenient and friendly. JEFFREY TAN

SIA’s inflight entertainment and crew are great. However, other airlines are matching them quite closely and at a lower price. SIA loyalty programme sucks too. Double whammy. Not surprising that SIA is ousted. TAN HENG LIANG

Honestly, these rankings matter little to the average passenger going on a holiday in economy class. The bottomline is price and if it comes to a point where prices are equal, I’ll choose Emirates or Qatar over Singapore Airlines anytime… the difference in the seating space and quality of food served are miles apart. Where SIA does well is service and timeliness but I think many companies have already more or less caught up to a level where the margin of difference is little. SARGUNAN ILANGOVAN

Pricing of SIA, especially for economy class, is super premium but service quality, meals and seat spacing are third-world standard. I personally find Malaysian Airlines’ economy class value for money compared to SIA…You pay Marina Bay Sands rate but get the experience of normal restaurant stuff on SIA. For other airlines, you pay hawker rate and get restaurant stuff. This is why people are upset with SIA. JOSEPH LIU

Joseph Liu, I have to disagree with you on the service and meals. Based on my experience with other airlines, including Qatar, the meals provided on SIA is still the best. This is because of the choices and the amount of food they provide. They are also not stingy with the amount of drinks served…As far as my experience goes, I’ve yet to experience a bad SIA flight. JASLYN LIM

I have flown on SIA many times and most recently on the Singapore-Los Angeles non-stop service. SIA’s service is top notch and a class above many. Most importantly, this service quality is consistent, more consistent than any airline I have flown with. I too have flown on Qatar on many long sectors and yes, service is good but certainly nowhere as consistent as SIA. It is for me the best of all the Middle Eastern carriers. In any case, I am highly sceptical of airline rankings published by various organisations. KOK CHWEE SIM

SIA is still the best. I flew on Qatar Air twice. I didn’t find anything good about it. The business class service is nothing to shout about compared to SIA’s. GERARD HOOI

The only reason SIA comes under scrutiny for minute details is only because of how far and well we’ve come in the aviation industry for a little island like Singapore. Hence there’s a bar one should always adhere to. JAI KAPOR

My own experience is that SIA is still a great way to fly. Always room for improvement but learning never stops. SIA is still my preferred airline. H S LI

Healthy competition is good for business. I am sure SIA will bounce back. They usually do. SANKAR KANASAN

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