Mandy Moore’s dad is an American Airlines pilot

Mandy Moore’s dad is an American Airlines pilot.

Mandy Moore shared a series of photos on Instagram on Thursday and gushed about finally being able to visit her father, who’s a pilot at American Airlines, at work.

Donald Moore has worked with the company since 1979. The “This Is Us” star’s stepmother has also been a flight attendant with American Airlines for almost 30 years.

Moore’s father flew a plane from London to Los Angeles, and the actress said he nailed the landing.

Actress Mandy Moore has become quite the travel sensation in recent months. After all, she has scaled both Mount Kilimanjaro and reachedEverest base camp with ease. And now, Moore is sharing a bit more about her travels, only this time she made it a true family affair.

Over the weekend, Moore posted a series of images on her Instagram account of herself in the cockpit of a plane alongside the pilot. However, this wasn’t just any old pilot, but rather, it was her own father flying the plane.

“I was today years old when I finally visited my dad at work,” Moore wrote about her special time with her dad, who was celebrating a major workplace milestone with his famous daughter.

“He’s been a captain at @americanairsince before I was born (he just celebrated his 40 year anniversary at the company- go dad!) and today was my first time ever flying with him,” she explained.

Moore also noted her stepmother is also an American Airlines crew member, who also happened to be working on the flight as well.

“I got some face time with both them on their breaks and took the requisite cockpit shots before we left London,” she said adding, “the landing was [thumbs up], dad. BEST TRIP HOME EVER.”

As proud as Moore was for her father, it appears the airline was just as proud of him too.

“We are truly proud of the American Airlines family, and Mandy is also a member of our family as well,” Ross Feinstein, spokesman for American Airlines told USA Today. “Captain Don has been a pilot with American since 1979 – and is currently a Boeing 777 captain; you can see they are on a 777 in the photo. Mandy’s stepmother has also been a flight attendant with American for nearly 30 years.” Feinstein added, “We are thrilled they were able to spend the flight together from London to Los Angeles.”

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