ACTATEK to provide job in IT Security field

ActatekAviation News: ACTATEK to provide job in IT Security field. It’s a Singapore based int’l IT Security organization which is about to start over supporting job in IT. Along with it is running a training program in BD for the first time ever.

Having been pride to join in ‘Digital World’, ACTATEK’s Sales Director Muhammad Saifur Rahman Paul gave this information. He said, primary learning session on security access control is under process in BD.

For this reason from the last year, pilot project started and program is continuing from running week. He added, we are suffering from effective manpower and one engineer to be seen working in more than one institution- We want to develop effective manpower.

Continuing from before we have seen that to be confirmed of all’s participation in security control access of ‘Digital World’, we handed over some coupons and around more than 700 applications were there. We sorted out and primary session underway with those people from Monday.

After completion, Internationally recognized certification will be awarded from Singapore. ‘New Horizon Computer Learning Centers’ is controlling over this learning program so far. This program will be outburst slowly in a continuous process. Paul said BD is lacking of eligible person to be run as even though business regarding Security control access is a plain gross here. Moreover, Worldwide ACTATEK has their operation on security control access and they are in need of effective people.

Thus, we are performing to develop effective people around BD and Globe as a helping hand. Furthermore, after the session’s completion, First coming 3 will get all types of help to get a job on this field.

More to added, ACTATEK established in 2001 and with its hands on UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan; It has been developing manpower since 2012. On the other hand, BD will soon open a local office of it as heard. To get more of it, please Contact

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