Some Canadians Are Angry At The U.S. Over Iran’s Downing Flight

Some Canadians Are Angry At The U.S. Over Iran’s Downing Flight.

Canadians have been questioning who is at fault for the downing last Wednesday of a plane carrying passengers from Canada, Iran and other nations.

Over the weekend, Iran admitted accidentally shooting down the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, killing all 147 onboard.

But some prominent figures in Canadian business and media have pinned part of the blame on the United States. They say the U.S. provoked Iran by killing a top Iranian commander, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Michael McCain, the billionaire CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, tweeted late Sunday he was “very angry.” He asked, were the passengers “collateral damage of this irresponsible, dangerous, ill-conceived behavior?”

McCain was not the only one. Many in Canada are questioning why President Trump ordered the killing of Soleimani when he did. Iran retaliated with attacks against American forces in Iraq, which the U.S. said caused no U.S. casualties. Iran later unintentionally shot down the Ukrainian plane because of “human error,” Iranian officials said.

“I think a significant question that Canadians, particularly the families of these victims, are going to have is, are 63 Canadians dead because of the unintended consequences of a decision made by the U.S. president?” Katie Simpson, Washington correspondent for Canada’s CBC News, reported the day after the plane was downed.

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Canadian authorities have since lowered the number of Canadian passengers killed to 57.

Charles Adler, a popular Canadian conservative talk-radio host, would not let Tehran or Washington off the hook.

“Iran’s recklessness comes in response to the United States-ordered killing of Iran’s architect of terror, the head of their special Quds Force, General Soleimani,” Adler said in a recent show. “I’ll go to my grave believing those innocents who died aboard Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 would not have died had it not been for Trump’s decision to kill the general.”

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