Sophisticated weather monitoring system is sitting at the airport

State-of-the-art weather monitoring systems are being set up at three international airports, including Hazrat Shahjalal, to ensure smooth flow of air due to dense fog and inclement weather.
At the same time, the runway lighting system of all the airports of the country is also being developed.
Concerned parties say that only if all the information of the runway is known immediately and the landing system is improved with the help of instruments, the flight and landing will be safe.

This will reduce the misery of the passengers and the financial loss of the airlines.

As winter approaches, the airlines’ worries increase.
Due to heavy fog or heavy rain, the runway could not be seen and the air traffic was often closed. This is not only a schedule disaster, but also the cost of airlines is increasing due to the suffering of passengers as well as landing of aircraft in other countries.

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