The Most Bizarre Services Offered By Airlines

The Most Bizarre Services Offered By Airlines.

In an era when commercial aviation is becoming well, more commercialised, many airlines are hitting the headlines for removing services rather than adding new and quirky services for passengers.

Sometimes for consumers, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Granted, many airlines are quick to add nice little perks for premium passengers in First and Business class, but what about nice little extras that all of us can enjoy?

Below we take a look at some of the most interesting services offered by airlines around the world.

Choosing You Seatmate
The Dutch airline KLM introduced a ‘Meet and Seat’ service that allowed passengers to check out other passengers Facebook or LinkedIn profiles before selecting seats. This could be quite an interesting feature, particularly for long flights if passengers are looking to meet new and interesting people. Obviously, the feature requires passenger consent but could certainly be a little creepy!

“Blind Bookings”

The German airline Germanwings allows passengers[+]AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

The German airline Germanwings allows passengers to select a broad range of requirements for a trip, such as shopping or partying, and then after selecting your dates, it allows passengers to “book blind” so to speak. You don’t find out the destination you are flying to until after booking, and if you’re not satisfied with playing travel roulette then tough luck. It’s the true modern-day form of sticking a pin in a map and seeing where you go! Exciting or terrifying, take your pick.

A Lay-Flat Bed In Economy
Air New-Zealand has offered a “cuddle-class” on some of its very long haul flights in economy. For a select amount of passengers traveling in a pair, there is the option to buy a third seat for half the price. The benefit of this is that the three seats together in economy can be converted into a bed by a cleaver fold-out feature where passengers legs normally are.

Virtual-Reality Headsets onboard
Granted, this is for First class passengers, but the Australian airline Qantas now offers passengers VR headsets to pass the time. The headsets show passengers a 360-degree view of the runway, lounges, on board an A380 aircraft and even Australian national parks.

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