The pilot was engrossed in a discussion with Corona when the Pakistani plane crashed

Two months of lockdown due to coronavirus.
After that Pakistan started flying.
The pilot was discussing the situation with his assistant even after joining the work. He did not keep his eyes and ears open even during the landing.
That is why the Pakistani plane crashed. The investigation team said.

The A320 Airbus was en route from Lahore to Karachi on May 22.
The Pakistan Airlines plane crashed near Karachi airport.

Falls in densely populated areas. The fire ignited in an instant. A total of 96 passengers and crew died. Only two passengers survived.
Most of them were returning home to spend Eid holidays with their families.
It is learned that both the engines of the aircraft broke down.

At first it was thought that the plane had crashed due to a mechanical fault. This time other information came to light after investigation.

Pakistan’s Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said the plane was 100 per cent fit to fly.
There was no mechanical error. None of the pilots and controllers of the aircraft followed the general rules.
They were talking about Corona while landing the plane. The plane went out of control due to inattention.

The investigation team has reached this conclusion after checking the voice recorder and other information of the crashed plane. In addition to Pakistani officials, the group also included French government officials.

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