There is a growing tendency among passengers to disregard hygiene

Corona is wreaking havoc around the world. Social distance rules as well as face mask rules have been introduced everywhere. Especially in the airlines have been given more stringent in this regard. However, the passengers do not always follow the hygiene rules. The number of passengers not wearing face masks in the aircraft is increasing.

Six US airlines have already banned 1,500 passengers from flying due to non-compliance with health regulations. Airlines authorities say passengers try to break the rules in various ways. Even politics is being used in this work. News from the Wall Street Journal.
The largest union of flight attendants says the rate of hygiene violations is rising in Connor. Attendees have also become reckless as a result of the union president’s petty disregard for wearing a mask. According to most airlines, the rate of compliance with the hygiene rules was unchanged at first, but later the employees of various airlines also showed negligence in following the hygiene rules. This is also affecting the general public.

As a result, the rate of hygiene violations among passengers has increased. But the US Centers for Disease Control also issued a face mask warning on Monday. They say you must wear a face mask to board any public transport.

Airlines initially issued emergency instructions for the use of face masks for health reasons. However, day by day there is a massive violation. One group even went so far as to say that forcing people to cover their faces amounted to a violation of civil rights.


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