Twelve Bangladeshis stranded in immigration have been allowed to enter Italy

Twelve Bangladeshis stranded in Milan immigration have been allowed to enter Italy. The country’s immigration police allowed them to enter Italy on Tuesday morning.

However, the country’s immigration police said they would have to ensure quarantine for two weeks after returning home.
On Monday afternoon local time, an Emirates Airlines flight from Bangladesh reached the Italian commercial city of Milan via Dubai via Dubai and the country’s immigration police detained 12 Bangladeshis for going to the country without following the rules.
Later, Milan Immigration started the process of sending them back to Bangladesh on the return flight, accusing them of violating the rules.
Abdus Sobahan Sikder, the ambassador of Bangladesh to the country, repeatedly spoke to the home ministry by telephone to prevent the expatriates from returning to Bangladesh.
Milan then allowed immigration passengers to enter the country on Tuesday morning.

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