ACTATek to step in BD soon

ACTATek_CEO_Thomas_WanAviation News: Singapore based Information Technology Company ACTA Tek are working on cloud based identification system. The Acta Tek Chief Executive Officer Thomas Wan about their different steps in IT sector as well as their future planning in Bangladesh.

Aviation News: Say something on beginning of ACTAtek.
Thomas Wan: We are the pioneer in providing web and cloud-based ID management solutions using fingerprint and RFID cards for the security, time attendant, payroll and work force management applications. We had won many awards in the USA and UK from leading international marketing firm such as Frost Sullivan, 2010 World Biometric Penetration Leadership Award, SC Magazine and Network Product Magazine in the USA for Biometric Product of the Year.

Aviation News: What is the difference between web-based ACTA Tek systems & other traditional systems available in the market?
Thomas Wan: A web-based system means that you can access, administer and control the devices in the network just like you access your internet bank account using any web-browser on a PC or mobile phone. Whereas IP-based, PC-based, RS485 means that you have to seat in front of a PC to access the device and its data, in other words, you want information, go back to your office!!!

Aviation News: There are various biometric systems available in world market. Why ACTAtek only focus on fingerprint systems? Why not face, Retina, Vein, Voice etc biometric technologies?
Thomas Wan: The Fingerprint technology is the most mature, reliable and accurate when compared with others. There are more fingerprint database available then any other form of biometrics. It has been proven as unique over past hundred of years and acceptable in court. For example, in a small installation if 10% of 10 persons not being recognized then it is just 1 person, however, if the installation is 10,000 users, 10% is 100 who would be in a riot for being clocked late at work even though they were on time!!!
We will only move onto other biometrics when it is more accurate and proven!

Aviation News: Please share with us some of the names from your fortune 500 customers?
Thomas Wan: HSBC, KFC/Pizza Hut, Coca Cola, Toyota, Barclays Bank, Prudential.

Aviation News: . We all know ACTAtek always focusing one single size & design product like Apple. But now apple also move into two sizes (for an example: iPhone 6 & 6 Plus). So user can have flexibility to choose. Do you have similar plan as well in your next version of ACTAtek?
Thomas Wan: Our belief in simple and easy to use and at the same time reliable and durable as well as aesthetically pleasing, we will certainly add on other models to fit the various vertical markets in our future road-map.

Aviation News: Till now how many countries you have operations? Where is your major market share & focus so far and why?
Thomas Wan: We have offices in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Pakistan.

Aviation News: Bangladesh Govt. has established various EPZ (Export Processing Zone) & Hi-Tech park to encourage foreign company to come & establish there business here. International giant like: Microsoft, Google, Dell etc has already started their operation in Bangladesh. At this moment you don’t have any office in South Asia. Do you have any plan to set franchise here for a better support & services in South Asia?
Thomas Wan: This is certainly something that we are working towards as time goes by. We have started a few initiatives including local training program with New Horizon on our products and solutions but more importantly in developing local talents with networking, web- and cloud-based skill-set and knowledges so as to develop the future market.

Aviation News: As a premium product like ACTAtek it’s always challenging to sell products to developing countries like Bangladesh. Do you have any plan to come up with a cost effective version?
Thomas Wan: Our belief is to provide the most economically solution. It is solutions that matters not a device. You brought a device, but that doesn’t give you a solution to your problem, so you purchase more other devices to make it work which might or might not involves further software and hardware integration, hence more manpower and time! Eventually it might even fail to work or work to expectation, resulting in an expensive error in judgement.

Aviation News: What is the roadmap of your product & technologies for coming years?
Thomas Wan: We will continue to develop more simple and easy to use devices and solutions which brings state-of-art technologies to our customers. We believe in simplicity, easy to install, easy to use and yet solve problems for our customers. Our approach is a holistic solution using the same ID for security, Time Attendant, Payroll and all aspects of work force and asset management of the enterprise, and in future residents as well.

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