The crew at United did not share the beds

The beds used by the flight crew cannot be used by flight attendants during rest. United Airlines has instructed crews to prevent coronavirus.
Usually flight crews and maids share the same bed at rest.
This rule is governed by shifting. The maid and crew can rest in two or three shifts. But due to coronavirus, their joint activities are being stopped.
Health advisers have instructed airline colleagues to make such lifestyle changes. Paddle Year on Kanu News.
Meanwhile, United Airlines has entered into an agreement with the Cleveland Clinic to change the bed at the end of each flight. They are also using screens from now on to rest in the same bed. Separate beds are being made for flight attendants to maintain social distance rules.
No more than three bed beds can be used per rest break.
Some maids may need to use the extra bed of the crew during the rest. In the case of long-distance travel, maids are instructed to comply with the ‘Flight Time Limitations’ rules for rest. The new system was launched on Thursday and will continue in the future. These changes will largely be implemented on long-haul flights. Because the crew and maids get more rest time on these flights.
From August, United Airlines began cracking down on Corona. They adopted the Ultra Violet Sea Light method to disinfect aircraft. Before June, they give passengers coronary test conditions before boarding every flight. The company has made it mandatory to use face masks on aircraft from the beginning. Many passengers are also banned if they do not follow this rule. According to a US Defense Department survey, there is no possibility of a coronavirus in a moving aircraft.

United’s flight attendants and staff are also required to wear masks. If anyone does not obey this neon, the authorities will take action against him. There are rules for maids to change their workplace as punishment for not following health instructions. But the pilots are different. Using a mask in the cockpit is a discount if you have difficulty flying. And if they do not have difficulty in flying, they are also required to wear a mask.

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